Health and Well Being, the Keys to Environmental Design!



Gardens of Consciousness

Gardens of Consciousness can be seen as any environment that facilitates altered states of mind and being, states that energise and restore as well as enlighten and elevate...peak states that can be harnessed for self development, self actualisation and as Maslow realised  'collective actualisation'!


Healing Environments

 Research evidence suggests some of the benefits of making spaces of awe and restoration are: a reduction in cortisol, a fall in blood pressure and in heart rate after a few hours immersed in nature, as well as a 40% increase in natural killer cells after just three days. Increases in pro-social behaviour and generosity were measured at USC university in America by  merely instructing student to look up at tall trees for a minute 


Interactive DIgital Design

Proposals for 'The Queens Terminal - Terminal 2, Heathrow Airport, UK.

The roof garden is programmed to be responsive on many levels, all of which aim to transform the tedium of travel into one of the most memorable parts of any holiday, as well as adding fun, relaxation and restoration to a mundane business trip.

Gardens of Consciousness


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